Dinner for two

Day 8: Plan a “murder mystery” dinner party. Create the dinner menu and the guest list, and design the murder plot.

A mysterious host has organized a diner party, on a stormy evening, at the mansion on the top of the hill and 10 guests, 7 men and 3 women, were invited that night. The butler of the mansion, Sebastian, a dark tall young man, welcomed them and explained the events of the night. Not long after the entrée has been served that lighting strikes causing a blackout. Sebastian reassure the guests and excuse himself to go set up the candles that will allow the supper to continue. Into the tasting of their delectable entrée, one guest excuse himself to the washroom. 20 long minutes had passed, yet no sign of his return. One of the man stand up and go look for him as Sebastian has excused himself to the kitchen for the preparation of the first dish. Knocking on the washroom floor that was locked, he noticed that everything was silence. Returning to the dining room, he notify Sebastian, who has returned to serve more refreshment, and the both of them along with another man return to the washroom. After several knocking with no answer, Sebastian used his key to open the door, discovering the scene of a murder. The man was lying in what seems to be his own blood, no murder weapon in sight, with the washroom spotless. Leaving washroom and locking it behind them for further investigation, the men returned to the dining room and called for police assistance, but the police never came.
Throughout the night, more murders are happening left to right, leaving the rest of the guests scared and helpless. They will try to investigate for the culprit, but will soon face with desperation and clueless of who might be behind all of this. Only when they have discover the truth that the one who has invited them for this horror night will reveal himself.
10 guests arrived, only one will leave… or will he?

This somehow remind me of something LOL


Smell it!

Day 7: Create ten all-new funny scratch and sniff stickers. Describe the image and smell

I will use emoji to showcase this prompts and my lack of originality:

  1. 🍅 🍅
    The image of two 🍅 🍅  merge together. It smell like sun-dried tomatoes.
  2. 💩
    • smell like milk chocolate, but as the smell fade, it will leave a dirty sock odor
  3. ☠️
    • with this kind of image it has to smell like death right? Not really, it will be a well roasted marshmallow scent that remind you of summer camp
  4. 💋
    • have you ever kiss a girl with lipgloss? Me neither lol So what will it smell like? Why not cigarette with a lingering odor of burn charcoal? Because I’m evil
  5. 🤡
    • What does clown remind you of? It remind me of lemonade somehow… Lemonade with a linger smell of pie
  6. 👹
    • This is an oni. It smell will be that of clay

Mr. Cottontail

Day 6: Create three original screen names and passwords that the Easter Bunny may use when logging in to check his email.

When we talk about Easter Bunny, the one from the animation “Rise of the guardians” from Dreamworks. You know the one that’s all build and super agile. So I’ve created those name with his image in mind.

  • MrCottontail_thefirst
  • Eggilicious
  • Ninjaturtle

Fortune cookies

Summer Prompts – Write ten original thoughts that will be stuffed inside fortune cookies for perfect strangers to read.
I love this one! I use to do that with my little cousin. Writing fortune cookie’s fortune, we mostly write funny ones that make no sense lol some of them are more like a slogan for advertisement.

  1. Look at the bright side, look at the sun!
  2. Be happy, with cookie
  3. If life gives you a lemon, plant it, make it grows and sell its fruits for profit (I think this one already exist, not sure)
  4. Roses are red, violets are blues, lemons are sour
  5. If you want to be happy, don’t be gloomy
  6. It’s raining, take an umbrella and stop complaining
  7. If it doesn’t work, maybe it wasn’t mean to be

It’s not easy to come up with more so I’ll come back to it later 😀

You used to call me on my cellphone

Summer Prompts – Name one thing you wish your cell could do
My cellphone is almost perfect. It would be nice if it was like my computer, but then again we have the version of tablet that can make calls. The only thing I would like my phone to be able to do is to interact with me. Kind of like in Ironman, you’ll be able to ask and talk to your computer with artificial intelligence capable of responding like a normal human would do. Although, I think that technology is not so far in the future, maybe Japan already has it (wouldn’t surprise me at all). Also that technology should be working through cloud system. Having a whole web of clouds in which my AI can easily be transfers from phone to home.
There was a movie with similar technology, in which Scarlet Johansson was voicing the AI program. That kind of technology would be awesome, but I think the movie reflects what might happen if we have it. In the movie the main character end up falling in love with the machine, because he was lonely and though the machine gave him comfort and brought him out of his loneliness, it was just still a machine. It wasn’t able to comprehend his feelings.
If we have that kind of technology, I’m afraid it might isolate people more. It would be great for daily tasks, but we, human, still needs each other’s company even if sometime too much is really too much.

It would be nice if my phone could actually interact with me, but I wouldn’t want it to interact as if it was a person, but more like a machine responding to command without having a conversation.

Sing my life

Summer Prompts – If you wrote a song about your love life, what would the title be? Write the first verse.

This was never meant to be

I want you, I need you

Or do I?

I hate you, but I love you

Don’t want to, but I can never leave you

You are forever mine,

Till the end of time

Stalking much, but my love, you are stuck

LOL hopefully I don’t have to write the entire song

Bucket list

Summer Prompts – Bucket List

Everyone has a list of things they want to do before they leave this world or are too occupy/unable/disable to do them. If you have a bucket list, what would feature on it? Have you check ✔ anything already? Or have you cross some off? Here is a little something that I would like to do in this life of mine.

◻︎ Travel – either close to home (another province) or to the other side of the world

  • So far I’ve been to
    • Vietnam
    • Charlevoix, Quebec

✔ Have a family

◻︎ Be rich (how much is too much?)

◻︎ Have 3 walls full of books, from floor to the ceiling (good books). I kind of have it already, but it’s not exactly what I wanted

◻︎ Be able to draw like a real artist (practice makes it perfect, now only time allows)

◻︎ Have a house by the ocean side (vacation house)

◻︎ Have my dream house build (walls with glasses, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature/water)

◻︎ Have a collection of bags

◻︎ Start/Have my own business

◻︎ Have a little garden


I guess that’s all I have for now. Maybe I’ll add stuffs as I grow older.


Message in a bottle

Summer Prompts – While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?

If I were to write a message and put it in a bottle to throw in the ocean, it doesn’t matter who finds it, but it would be nice if this person answer back so I will include my address in it (will not be post here since it’s not a real message in a bottle hehe). It would also be good if they can read english hahaha

Hello stranger,
I hope all is well for you. I am a Canadian resident currently by the sea side and have decided to throw a message bottle in the sea in hope that it will find someone to open it. This bottle might have traveled miles or it might have just skipped itself to the other side of the shore, we never knows, but I hope this bottle has traveled well to you. Let’s take this opportunity and make friend with a stranger. We might have never met, but destiny has reunite us through this message that you found. It might be for a second, it might last a bit longer. You might want to start something with this opportunity or you might just think this is stupid and toss this thing in the garbage, but it would be nice if something can start from this. So why not start by introducing myself a little bit. As mentioned, I am from Canada, a country way up north from the US. We have snow for most of the year, sometimes more than 6 months, but summer is nice too, not too hot, not too cold, the perfect weather. I lived on a small island within Canada, called Montreal. I dream I could travel the world, I hope that this bottle has made it through this dream of mine.

If you feel comfortable, I have included with this message my home address, we can maybe have a chat through letters. I would love to receive a letter and know who has picked up this little one. Letters are so rare nowadays that we have internet.

Keeping it short, stranger, I wish you well.

I prefer to…

April Prompts – Your preferred method of communication

From talking face to face, through phone call, video chat, email and texting which one do I prefer to use? I prefer to use texting. I don’t like to talk on the phone and I don’t want the inconvenient of having someone for too long to talk face to face, because I have difficulty in expressing myself verbally. Same goes for video chat. I prefer the freedom of texting. I can just send the text, do my things which waiting for and answer. I don’t care if they answer me back within 2 minutes or 3 days, if I have an emergency I will go directly to the person or call.

Happy Moment

April Prompts – A Happy moment

I know I repeat a lot, but the happiest moment in my life was the first time I had my daughter in my arms. I have waited 9 months, 2 days for her to show up and when they put her on my chest, I swear it was the most amazing moment ever. She was there, I feel her, she knows me. The link between me and her was from the moment she was growing inside my belly. When she was on my chest, she knew that I was her mother and she was very calm in my arms, having her first meal. No words can describe accurately the feeling.