Happy New Year

Let’s start the year with something nice, meaning another prompt for this 2018. A 52 weeks prompt to be exact, as I don’t have a lot of time to write since I started my new job.

First of all, wishing you all, who are still visiting to see if I have something new and to the new ones who happen to click on my page by accident,


Let the this new year gives us all health, wealth and much needed love!

Be happy, be merry, for this new year I will try to keep writing more, do more projects and most important of all be more happy than I already am (greedy me need some more laughter).

Be well and see you soon.

The Kat from another dimension ❤



Summer breaks

Hello readers or whoever still coming here. This is just to announce that I will be having my summer breaks from blogging for a while. Being busy with work, kid and life altogether. I might come back for autumn, don’t know yet, unless Ponyta comes up with some more ideas for blogging.

So until then, I wish you all the best.


Would you be my friend?

Week 13: “Name a fictional character or monster you would love to have as a friend. Why do you think they would be a good friend to you.”
Raise you’re hand if you thought of Totoro when you read this question. I know I did. Why would Totoro be the perfect companion? Well it’s fluffy, it’s funny and incomprehensible. It can travel by jumping very high and very far (no need for roller coaster ride). It also can make trees grow by dancing around it. No need for more details Totoro is perfect.

Eating is living

Week 11: “If you could indulge in anything without consequences, what would it be?”
Eating anything without gaining any weight nor bad health. That would be anyone’s biggest wish. There are so much in this world to taste. The different type of food/culture/spice, who wouldn’t want to be able to eat anything without consequences. I, myself, is found of sugar and we all know sugar can cause diabetes. It was a very hard thing for me to give up as I both enjoy natural and artificial sugar. I can swallow an entire watermelon if I wasn’t restraining myself.

Alien adoption

Week 10: “An alien has just abducted you. Give three reasons why it would send you back to Earth

  • I’m so not healthy, therefore nothing can be done on me unless they want to research high sugar in blood, body fat and myope.
  • I’m asian, therefore my ethnicity has already taken over the world. Nothing rare in there to research. If they want to take over the world, just disguise themselves as asian lol
  • I’m going to nag them until they are fed up and dump me back on earth. Yes, the power of nagging.

What is happening?

Hello everyone,
Long time I haven’t post anything. A lot of things had happen in my life since the last post therefore the lack of update is excusable (?). This is for letting the few people who are still coming or receiving update from my blog that this is a hiatus. I don’t know how long I will be off the blogging, for now I have a small baby to take care therefore my social life is also on hiatus along with my virtual life.

Many news will follow very very later in life.

Good life to you all and may we meet again once day

Sprinkle some star dust… maybe

tumblr_ma0m07fBPI1r922azo1_500Hello all or none. I don’t know if people still come here and read what I have, but still a proper greeting is due. I haven’t post anything since the last one, May 30th, because I’m pretty much preparing for something really big in my life right now. Also because I’m exhausted from work and daily routine life. We moved in June, but still not finish unpacking yet, there are still plenty of other things to do, but I have to wait for until I quit work before doing anything.

Anyways all that just to let you know that I will be back in about a week with some posts. No challenge this time, I want to take a little break from it as my blog only contain challenges.

So far that’s all I can tell you. See you maybe if you come back or if there’s anyone still coming here 😀

Some new here and there

Hello all,

As you might have noticed, the posts had been stop for a few weeks now. I am officially giving up on the 30 days books challenge as I am no longer able to write anything about book. I might end up writing review on books some time in the future, but for now I don’t want to force myself on writing anything on recall.

Also, I might go into a semi-hiatus state. From time to time there will be some posts, but they will not be schedule like for the other entries.

I know there aren’t anyone reading, but it’s still good to give a head up.

Alright, now let me return to my bubble.

5 horror movies to watch (re-watch)

Hello scary cat and brave people. Have you scared someone today? Typical me is writing a horror post for the horror day of Halloween. To prepare you for the day of scare. If some of you are like me, who does not celebrate Halloween by going trick or treat, and enjoy a night/week at home watching horror movies then you might have already saw the recommendation. Otherwise, I hope this will contribute to give you some shiver on this specially delightful night/day.

Please keep in mind that this list is my personal opinion, I do not take critics in a good way, so bashing/swearing at my post will result in me hunting you down with a machete (because it’s lighter than an axe). I do enjoy recommendation and opinion so feel free to do so.  Also some of them are classic that I do enjoy re-watching from time to time. And I will try not to spoil anything, I will try… Beware! Sensitive heart should not try out this list!

So let’s start!

1. Dumpling (2004, Hong Kong)

dumplingsMrs Li is a former actress who is losing her youth and her husband’s interest, who is, by the way, cheating on her with a younger woman. In order to regain her youth and  his passion she goes on to look for a remedy. In her quest she learned about a certain Aunt Mei and her miracle remedy for rejuvenation. Mrs Li seek out to Aunt Mei and found that she is a woman who looks to be in her 30s. Aunt Mei to Mrs Li that her secret to her youth is the dumpling she’s making, but her dumpling does not contain the usual ingredient. They are made from foetus through abortion. Luck shine upon Mrs Li, aunt Mei just happen to aborted a 5 months pregnant young girl, who was impregnate by her father. Upon seeing Aunt Mei preparing the dish, Mrs Li is disgusted and leave the place. Rethinking about her couple’s situation and herself, she returned and decided to try the dumpling. The effect is immediate, Mrs Li feels rejuvenate and make her way to the hospital to her husband to revive their passion. Her first bite into the dumpling started her sinister downfall.
This movie is rumored to be base on true story/urban legend about Chinese controversial medicine. Dumpling was also featured in 3 Extremes, a collection of horror movies, but with a different ending. The story similarly follow the same lines as in the original, but with a more twisted end. Personally, I do prefer the version from 3 Extremes, but both ending are equally good and twisted as it show how human’s nature can be very selfish and weak.

2. I saw the devil (2010, South Korean)

SawDevilBigJoo-yun is having a flat tire in middle of the road on a snowy day. A bus driver happen to passed by and offer to help her. The horror starts. Joo-yun is kidnapped by the bus driver, he mutilated and scattered her body for people to find. When her ear is discovered by a boy, her fiancé, Soo-hyun who is in the National Intelligent Service, starts his hunt for the killer. He captures and interrogates four main suspects on his list. In response to the atrocity inflicted to his fiancée who happen to be pregnant at the time of her murder, Soo-hyun goes beyond the restrain of his duty. He goes torturing the suspects in order to get them to talk. His last suspect on the list is the bus driver Kyung-chul, the real killer. Upon discovering Joo-yun’s ring in Kyung-chul possession, Soo-hyun knew that he was the one who killed her, but he won’t take his revenge by killing him right away. That would be too easy for the suffering the killer has inflicted to him and his decease fiancé. A series of hunt and torture start the moment the true killer is found.
For a South Korean movie, this is rather raw. The graphics are shown very clearly. In most movie when a torture scene is about to happen, the camera usually turn away and the spectators can only hear the scene and imagine what is happening to the victim. This is the exception: the spectators are shown the action that is happening, making them the witness of the crime. Some scenes can make you cringe and turn away, but you are forced to watch as it is present in front of you. Duty’s restrictions as a law enforcer are also omit as Soo-hyun execute his vengeance, making you wonder who’s the real devil.

3. Psycho (1960, USA)

psycho-4The movie starts with Marion Crane, a secretary who just stole a huge sum from her employer and was on the run. She end up in a secluded motel near an isolate house own by Norman Bates, an obedient son to his mother. Norman is attracted to her and invites her to supper, Marion accepted. After being exposed to Norman’s strange hobby of taxidermy, Marion returned to her room and decided to take a shower. In the middle of her shower, a shadow is casted on the shower curtain. Marion only have the time to turn around that she is murder with multiple stabs on her body. The movie continue with Marion’s little sister searching for her and arrive at the Bates Motel. She, too, encounter Norman Bates and the horror surrounding him and his mother.
Psycho is a classic in the thriller/horror genre. Even though the movie is entirely in black and white, some viewer claim to see the red color of blood in the shower scene. Tell me, do you see the color too?

4. Ringu (1998, Japan)

the-ring-japan-poster-1Two teenagers are talking about a viral video that kill the person who watched it after 7 days. Tomoko, one of the teenagers, reveals that she and her friends had watched the movie a week ago. She is then killed by a mysterious forced while her friend watched. Days later, Tomoko’s aunt, Reiko Asakawa, a reporter starts investigating about the curse video. After seeing a photo of her niece and her friends, Reiko goes to the rental cabin where they have stayed, she end up with a copy of the video and watch it. The video contain various strange, incomprehensible and disturbing scenes. After she finish watching the video, a phone call from an unknown number warned her that she will die in seven days. There start her journey to find the truth behind the video to save herself and the people around her who has also watched the video.
This movie has gain tremendous popularity in Japan and also in America. There is an American remake of the movie title The Ring, that basically has the same story line, with some minor changes, but the horror side is still better in the Japanese version. The original version is often the best and this movie is not an exception.

5. Invasion of the body snatchers(1956, USA)

Invasion-of-the-Body-Snatchers-1956-Movie-Poster-240x400The movie open with the arrest of a hysterical man trying to escape something that scare him to death. He tries to warn the people and retell the story that has happen to him and the people in his home town. The man is Dr Miles Bennell who has escape from his home town, Santa Mira. Recalling his story, it all started the day he was treating quite a few of the people of the town who are suffering from Capgras Delusion. His patients were complaining that the people around them are being replaced by something that look exactly the same, but are emotionless. In the evening of that same day, he and his friends discovered a body that looks exactly like him, but not all features has been completely develop. Scare and clueless of what is happening they try to search for an answer and discover in the basement a copy of another friend. After the disappearance of the clones, they discovered in the Dr Bennell’s greenhouse seed pods in which come the clone of their own image. Giving a reason to believe that his patients were telling the truth and that the people of the town are gradually being replace by emotionless clones. Dr Bennell and his friends try to contact the authorities to warn them of the situation, but nothing could get through. Their adventure starts as they try to escape from being capture and turn into pod people.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a classic within the horror genre. Some people are relating the theme of the movie to Soviet Union or communist systems, others to the post-war/communist regime in the time. This movie has two ending, the original idea was change due to the pressure for a more optimistic ending to the story.

Here ends the list of 5 horrors movie to watch or re-watch. Do you think a title should be in this list? Do you have any recommendation for me? Feel free to let me know in the comment section, I would love to read them.


Hello world of the web.
How are you doing today? Fine, good, awesome!
What is the title suggesting today? Consistency. Why such a title, you may ask and I will answer.
I will try my hardest to be consistent with my blogging. You have heard this before? Oh, yeah, surely! I have been repeating this statement for a while, but failed to do so. Shame on me! I will eventually get the hang of it and persistently continue with this blog of mine. It has been 3 years now, that I am running this blog. At first, it was with Bee and focus mostly on restaurants and places we visited through our exploration, but now it will mostly be me and the contents change toward more of my interests.

Will Bee be coming back? I don’t really know. I think she is more into vlog nowadays. If she eventually comes back, well good for us. For now you will have to endure me and love me for my weird, incompetence, inconsistence ways.

That will be all world.
I will bid you farewell until the next post.