D30 – Sailor Moon

30. Favorite Moon cat
lunaOf course it’s Luna. Have been reading both Sailor Moon serie and Code Name Sailor V, which has both Luna and Artemis as active members in both serie, I do prefer Luna much more. One of the thing that make me appreciate her is the fact that she will always be loyal to Usagi, regardless of how she treated her (poor cat, sometime animal abuse can be spot). I also love the fact that she is a passionate character, when they feature her in the movie of Princess Kaguya, in which she felt in love with a sick astronaut. And have I mentioned that she is a babe when she transform into her human form?


D29 – Sailor Moon

29. Senshi or Starlights?

senshiDefinitely Senshi. Although I do think that the Starlights are stronger and can kick ass better, I do prefer the dynamic that the senshi has between them, especially in the last arc with Galaxia. Also one of the thing that makes me go “erk” are the extremely awkward attack: “Gentle Uterus”! What the heck is that?! And what was Naoko Takeuchi thinking when she was making that out. Didn’t she make any research, Japanese people are awkward with English enough already. That attack has become a huge joke among the Sailor Moon fandom. Also, senshi’s attacks are way cooler than the Starlights’.

D28 – Sailor Moon

28. Senshi you are least like?
You might say that I have a strong hate toward Mini Moon, but yeah, I am so not a brat like her. Even though I do like her a bit more after she met Sailor Saturn, the girl has a good influence on her, I still can’t find anything in Sailor Mini Moon in which I can relate too.
Another sailor, which I am the least like, but still wish I can also become would be sailor Neptune. She is sophisticate, elegant, but yet she still has a silly side to her when she’s with Haruka.

D27 – Sailor Moon

27. Senshi you are most like?
innersenshiI think I have a mix of a lot of senshi, but mostly I’m like a big sister/mother among my friends so I can say a bit of Jupiter, but I also am a bit like Mars. I like to tease, make fun of people, have a hard exterior, but deep inside I will always be there when you need me. I usually like to take care of others, but also make fun of them when the occasion comes. I also have the immature side of Usagi who love food, so I don’t really associate myself with only one senshi.

D26 – Sailor Moon

26. Dark Kingdom, Black Moon Clan, Death Busters, Dead Moon Circus, or Shadow Galactica?
473In the anime version I would choose Dead Moon Circus, but only the first half with the Amazon Trio. As mentioned in previous post, the reason why I love those 3 were because in the anime they gave them a more human side then just practice targets for the scout compared to the manga. Each of them have their own personality and struggle. I also like the fact that they have an episode where they are looking for themselves when they are involve with the Sailors’ entourage without knowing, aka with Usagi’s mom and Usagi even brought FishEye back home.

Sailor_QuartettoIn the manga, I will also choose the Dead Moon Circus, but for the last part with the Amazon Quartet. They weren’t giving that much of a personality compare to the anime (annoying, crybaby type), but I do like the fact that in the end they turn out to the Mini Moon’s future guardians. It was a nice ending to them, instead of just killing them off, they were instead turn back to good sailors. Their hairstyles are pretty original, but I kind of not liking the one in pink, since Mini Moon is suppose to be in pink, shouldn’t she be in another color, like yellow with pink instead?

D25 – Sailor Moon

25. Funniest Sailor Moon moment
I really can’t recall any moment that made me bust out of laughter. Some comic relief that they had was more of Usagi being clumsy and all, but I found those not very interesting nor funny. It was not a super serious serie nor was it a total comedy, there were some few funny moment, but the funniest I can’t really recall.

I might update this later, when I’m done with re-re-re-watching SM.

D24 – Sailor Moon

I’m out of internet for a while so posts will be delay

24. Sailor Moon moment that makes you cry
uranusneptuneThis is the only moment in Sailor Moon that made shed tears like no other. Even in the manga, no other scene could have made me cry.
Of course I’m sure most of you will choose that same scene and made it their favorite. You must all know what I’m talking about. The scene is from the anime, from the heart snatcher arc. It is the moment when Uranus and Neptune has been found out and are the carrier of 2 of the 3 talismans. They both sacrifice for one another and had their heart snatched away. I dare you to watch it and not shed a single tear. It gets to me everything, even after the 10th time I’m re-watching the serie.

D23 – Sailor Moon

23. Sailor Moon moment that makes you happy
luna_artemisI don’t remember if there was a moment that makes me happy throughout the seasons. There was a moment from the movie which feature Luna. When she came back from meeting her love interest for the last time and Artemis was waiting for her, covered in snow. That moment was so awww. Even though he knows that she doesn’t regarded him romantically (yet) he was still loving her to the bone and will always wait for her.




It would be the last scene from the last arc, when Serenity and Endymion was done with their vows and she goes outside and you see all the senshi in their beautiful princess dress. That scene was perfect to complete the serie. (Couldn’t get the manga one so this one will do)

D22 – Sailor Moon

22. Sailor Moon moment that upsets you

The_Doom_TreeI think the entire season of the Doom Tree upsets me. The story line was poorly written and the characters are so annoying. Even Sailor Moon was getting on my nerve. They should have follow the story in the manga instead of adding something new and make Moonlight Knight out of Tuxedo Mask’s subconscience of wanting to protect Moon (seriously just get stronger if you want to protect her). This story actually has potential if you only watch the last episode when the tree of life retell his tale, but they manage to ruined it with annoying performance from Alain and Ane.

Cosmos_and_Chibi_ChibiI guess it would be Galaxia and Chaos. This whole sacrifice thing, Moon being the messiah that will save everyone is kind of repetitive and deja-vu. Although I love the ending with Serenity finally wed Endymion, the battle with everyone dying could have been shorten. Once again, the sacrifice of others wasn’t that necessary to end this story. For some this might be the ultimate battle, but adding tragedy of Tuxedo Mask being under control of Galaxia and battling Moon (again) was a reuse of tactic, having the other Sailors battling Moon and make her hesitate to kick their ass was weak, having other Sailors protect Moon because all her own senshi had perish was annoying to see and only mean that Moon is weak and wimpy by herself. I have yet to talk about the ambiguous relationship with Star Fighter. There was no need for that. Bassically, I still don’t know who the heck is Sailor Cosmos and what is her purpose in the end.
I guess the only good part is that they didn’t make Chibi Chibi as annoying as Chibi Usa when she first arrived.

But I guess this post can be resume with one thing that top everything in the name of upsetting me. Why does Tuxedo Mask has to always be capture by the enemy and become a damsel en distress? WHY? Use your balls, man!

D21 – Sailor Moon

21. One thing you wished the show had

moonThe animation from the 90s is so much different from the manga. The story line does follow a few elements such as the villain and the arcs, except for maybe Allain & Ane which was a complete failure, so there aren’t much that I can say about it. The only thing I wish they could’ve done was not censor the dubbed version and overuse reuse of scenes because of censor.

Overall, I would have wish that the author would give a bit more interest in the other senshi. I know this might turn out being too much to follow and end up with 40 volumes like dragon ball or worst Naruto XD But some characters do deserve their moments.