A drink?

Week 12: “You have to design a cocktail or drink after yourself (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). What ingredients are in it, and what would you name it?”
I love cocktail, but to be honest most of the time I don’t really know what’s in my cocktail as long as it’s fruity and sweet.If I have to design one then it has to have lychee smoothie in it, for it sweet taste, with a bit of yuzu nectar and zest. For the alcohol part, it goes well with a bit of martini or vodka. Top with some lychee on a stick. I would want it to be more fruity than alcohol taste because that way you can drink plenty and be drunk without knowing. It would be called “Lychee in bikini” because it will be served cold for the hot weather. I would also add a hint of spicy in it, because I love spicy stuff. Just to see what will happen, maybe I will try to make it 😉 I will call it: Cheely (know what I did there? 😉 )


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