Dinner for two

Day 8: Plan a “murder mystery” dinner party. Create the dinner menu and the guest list, and design the murder plot.

A mysterious host has organized a diner party, on a stormy evening, at the mansion on the top of the hill and 10 guests, 7 men and 3 women, were invited that night. The butler of the mansion, Sebastian, a dark tall young man, welcomed them and explained the events of the night. Not long after the entrée has been served that lighting strikes causing a blackout. Sebastian reassure the guests and excuse himself to go set up the candles that will allow the supper to continue. Into the tasting of their delectable entrée, one guest excuse himself to the washroom. 20 long minutes had passed, yet no sign of his return. One of the man stand up and go look for him as Sebastian has excused himself to the kitchen for the preparation of the first dish. Knocking on the washroom floor that was locked, he noticed that everything was silence. Returning to the dining room, he notify Sebastian, who has returned to serve more refreshment, and the both of them along with another man return to the washroom. After several knocking with no answer, Sebastian used his key to open the door, discovering the scene of a murder. The man was lying in what seems to be his own blood, no murder weapon in sight, with the washroom spotless. Leaving washroom and locking it behind them for further investigation, the men returned to the dining room and called for police assistance, but the police never came.
Throughout the night, more murders are happening left to right, leaving the rest of the guests scared and helpless. They will try to investigate for the culprit, but will soon face with desperation and clueless of who might be behind all of this. Only when they have discover the truth that the one who has invited them for this horror night will reveal himself.
10 guests arrived, only one will leave… or will he?

This somehow remind me of something LOL


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