You used to call me on my cellphone

Summer Prompts – Name one thing you wish your cell could do
My cellphone is almost perfect. It would be nice if it was like my computer, but then again we have the version of tablet that can make calls. The only thing I would like my phone to be able to do is to interact with me. Kind of like in Ironman, you’ll be able to ask and talk to your computer with artificial intelligence capable of responding like a normal human would do. Although, I think that technology is not so far in the future, maybe Japan already has it (wouldn’t surprise me at all). Also that technology should be working through cloud system. Having a whole web of clouds in which my AI can easily be transfers from phone to home.
There was a movie with similar technology, in which Scarlet Johansson was voicing the AI program. That kind of technology would be awesome, but I think the movie reflects what might happen if we have it. In the movie the main character end up falling in love with the machine, because he was lonely and though the machine gave him comfort and brought him out of his loneliness, it was just still a machine. It wasn’t able to comprehend his feelings.
If we have that kind of technology, I’m afraid it might isolate people more. It would be great for daily tasks, but we, human, still needs each other’s company even if sometime too much is really too much.

It would be nice if my phone could actually interact with me, but I wouldn’t want it to interact as if it was a person, but more like a machine responding to command without having a conversation.


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