Bucket list

Summer Prompts – Bucket List

Everyone has a list of things they want to do before they leave this world or are too occupy/unable/disable to do them. If you have a bucket list, what would feature on it? Have you check ✔ anything already? Or have you cross some off? Here is a little something that I would like to do in this life of mine.

◻︎ Travel – either close to home (another province) or to the other side of the world

  • So far I’ve been to
    • Vietnam
    • Charlevoix, Quebec

✔ Have a family

◻︎ Be rich (how much is too much?)

◻︎ Have 3 walls full of books, from floor to the ceiling (good books). I kind of have it already, but it’s not exactly what I wanted

◻︎ Be able to draw like a real artist (practice makes it perfect, now only time allows)

◻︎ Have a house by the ocean side (vacation house)

◻︎ Have my dream house build (walls with glasses, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature/water)

◻︎ Have a collection of bags

◻︎ Start/Have my own business

◻︎ Have a little garden


I guess that’s all I have for now. Maybe I’ll add stuffs as I grow older.



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