Message in a bottle

Summer Prompts – While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?

If I were to write a message and put it in a bottle to throw in the ocean, it doesn’t matter who finds it, but it would be nice if this person answer back so I will include my address in it (will not be post here since it’s not a real message in a bottle hehe). It would also be good if they can read english hahaha

Hello stranger,
I hope all is well for you. I am a Canadian resident currently by the sea side and have decided to throw a message bottle in the sea in hope that it will find someone to open it. This bottle might have traveled miles or it might have just skipped itself to the other side of the shore, we never knows, but I hope this bottle has traveled well to you. Let’s take this opportunity and make friend with a stranger. We might have never met, but destiny has reunite us through this message that you found. It might be for a second, it might last a bit longer. You might want to start something with this opportunity or you might just think this is stupid and toss this thing in the garbage, but it would be nice if something can start from this. So why not start by introducing myself a little bit. As mentioned, I am from Canada, a country way up north from the US. We have snow for most of the year, sometimes more than 6 months, but summer is nice too, not too hot, not too cold, the perfect weather. I lived on a small island within Canada, called Montreal. I dream I could travel the world, I hope that this bottle has made it through this dream of mine.

If you feel comfortable, I have included with this message my home address, we can maybe have a chat through letters. I would love to receive a letter and know who has picked up this little one. Letters are so rare nowadays that we have internet.

Keeping it short, stranger, I wish you well.


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