I am…

April Prompts – How would you like to be described?
When I ask people how do they see me when we first met, often the same descriptions come out:

  • cold/hard to approach
  • strict
  • just

After they know me, I think they basically still think of me like that LOL
I can be cold at first, because I don’t like to approach people. I kind of change through the years and became a little bit warmer and easier to approach, but I do stay in my corner when I don’t feel like or oblige to interact. I am very strict and just, once again I’ve change through the time, but I am the type of people who doesn’t like unfairness. I used to get very annoy and would voice out my displease, but now as an adult I rather keep it to myself, unless it comprises someone else’s safety. I usually am strict with children. I like children who are of age to think so I like them to behave in public. Good behaviour means the child is well educated.


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