I should have this always

April Prompts – 10 things you should always have

I hate to admit, but I’m pretty materialist XD Those are the things that I can’t no longer leave the house or spend the day without.

  1. Cellphone: yup, I don’t use it for other things than playing games, but now I do need it because that’s how I get in contact with my baby’s educator. Actually it’s pretty much for anything baby
  2. Bag: I ❤️  bags
  3. Wallet: anything in my wallet, except for useless receipts that I should throw out
  4. My glasses: yes, being nearly blind, I can’t live without them
  5. Clothes: essential if you don’t want to get arrested for being too free LOL
  6. Shoes: I can walk barefoot, but I don’t really want to kill myself with all the bacterias and stuffs, you know
  7. Hair elastic: Having short hair or long hair, I always need one, because I hate to have my hair in the face when I do something.
  8. Bus/metro pass: I don’t drive and I do hate driving, therefore I need this to go around. I can walk to places, but when in a hurry, this is always best to have.
  9. Money: because.
  10. I don’t really know… maybe I will change it later.



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