I have never been

April Prompts – A place you have never visit

There are lots of places that I have never visit and want to, but never got the occasion or the means require to do so. There is absolutely one place that I have never visit, want to visit before I die: Japan. It is now a bit more affordable than before to visit Japan as plane tickets go as low as 700$ depending on the time of the year. Japan has always been the #1 destination for me. For any otaku, you know why, but growing up my reasons had changed. Before it was for the anime reasons, but now I really want to visit and be in it culture, eating the food and visit the places. I would really love to visit the old Japan, experience the Onsen (hot spring bath), taste all that Japan freshness can bring back from the sea.


2 Replies to “I have never been”

  1. and the ramen…. AND THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS ❤ ❤ (it made it to my list a few weeks ago when a friend of mine posted amazinggggg pictures of the sakura trees ❤ )

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