We have 3 things in common

April Prompts – 3 things you and your best friend have in common

First of all, this girl, I consider her more than a best friend, she’s family to me. Also because we’d known each other for 18 years. She is forever stuck with me, if she ever leaves or that I have to let her go, I would have to kill her because she already knows too much 😈

+ We like to please other

  • We are the type of people who doesn’t like drama/conflict so often we do what others want so to stay out of it.

+ We complain a lot

  • We complain a lot, about any things, every things

+ We value friendship the same way

  • I guess this is why we are friend for so long. We see friendship as something that both side have to work together in order to keep it alive. She and I are the type of people who don’t need to always text, call, etc, but we know if one is in trouble the other will be there.



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