I should stop that

April prompts – One thing you should stop doing

There are lots of things I should stop doing, but the only one thing I should do is try to let go. I keep holding on to thing and people and event that I should just forget and let go. You know, the let it go song is annoying, but it helps LOL

I keep holding on to thoughts that hurt me, to things that make me miserable, to people who take me for granted. All those should be down the drain to make my life better. I tried throughout the year, I have manage to let people go, to let things go, but I still hold on to event that happened and I couldn’t forget/forgive. For many years now, I have manage to make a big “cleaning” in my life of people who are there to poison it, of things that make me remember the past that hurts so much.

I should stop holding on to grudges, especially with the people who are close to me. That it something that I’ve been working on for a very long time.


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