Most important in a friend

April prompts – The most important qualities in a friend

Friends come and go. In your life, you might have lots of encounters, lots of people you call “friends”, but only a handful of real friends. Most of the people who are my friends had about the same quality.

+ Never abandon me
I don’t need someone who constantly tell me that s/he is there. No need for words, i just appreciate the fact that I don’t even ask and they appear whenever I feel like dying inside. There is no need for words, just not abandonning me.

+ Had a very weird side to themselves
Yup. I think this is a commun aknowledgement from all my friends that I always gather weird people. The more diversely bisard the more I like them lol

+ Remember me
I don’t need people who are constantly by my side 24h/7d, I have my husband and daughter for that, but even if we don’t see each other they will always remember me. A call or a text from time to time is like a little surprise when you least expected. I’m not a high maintenance friend and I do not like to have high maintenance ones, therefore if you get mad because I didn’t response to your text right away, sorry, but I do have a busy housewife life.


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