Journal Prompts

Hello everyone,
How is life? How is every thing? It’s been a while since the last time anything was post here. I’ve been busy with life and other things, but I didn’t forget about this place. It has been years now, since I’ve started this Kawaimono. At first, it was used as a foodie blog with my cousin, but as life gets us busy, it is now only me and the foodie part has been moved to Chummy Tummy (link above). Also, with so many years and without a specific direction, I’ve turned dull in writing’s topics. This does not mean that I would close Kawaimono. Recently, our friend Sandra (we also collaborate in Chummy Tummy) suggest “Journal Prompts” from Life of lovely so here I am back with some writing for each day of the month. I’ll try to do as much as I can with life moving at a 100km/h, so please stay tune, as long as I have one person following my blog, I’ll be happy >_<

So the journal prompts will start on April, since we’re already in the middle of March.

Here’s a head up on April. Also please take a look at Life of Love, if you want to start a journal, she has lots of good tips.

April prompt @ Life of Love

I’m out for now ❤


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