Because it matters

Hello everyone,
It has been a while, I’m not totally back yet, only finding a little bit of time to write in between two bottles of milk from my little Burrito Chang (nickname for baby girl ❤ ). I haven’t mentioned much on this blog about my personal life, but recently there was a major change in it with the welcoming of my little Burrito. Being pregnant was the best part of my life so far, but seeing her face was event more meaningful than anything else. Therefore I wanted to mark it by doing something for someone. A stranger, who I have never met and was in need of something that we all take for granted. I donated my hair, which I had kept for over 2 years.
The title “Because it matters” refer to the fact that we often take this part of our body very lightly: our hair. Not all of us are taking care of our hair the same way. We often damage it with dye, strange haircuts, etc. But for some people, even one tiny strand of hair matters.

Moving onto more details of how it occurs because I need to make this post a bit longer than my usual 100 words XD

Before getting married in 2015, I was growing my hair for the hairstyle that I wanted, therefore it has become very long, almost over my butt. It was growing for a year, but it was damage and had at least two coat of dyes over it. It was quite brown, honey brown. On the wedding day, my hairdresser has to cut a part of it because it was too heavy to be put into the hairstyle that I wanted. So after the wedding I’ve decided to grow it again until after I gave birth to my daughter so that I can do something to celebrate her coming to this world.

Two/three month after my baby is born, I cut my hair and send a 10inch bunch of healthy pregnancy hair. I think my hair from the pregnancy was the best because of all the hormone and nutrients I was getting. I hope that bunch of hair could help someone regain at least a little bit of happiness. Later that month, I receive in the mail a letter from Pantene to confirm that they have receive my hair.

This many writing and bla bla detailing the process is just to encourage you, whoever reading this, to do the same. Growing hair is nothing. We cut and discard them anyway so why not make use of them. It doesn’t hurt us to cut them, it doesn’t require us to go through painful process so why not do something good and recycle them into a little bit of happiness for someone else. Christmas is also coming along so why not make this a gift for someone you might meet someday in the futur, a fighter!

I really encourage you to do so, it only require a little bit of shipping expense and a good hair cut. Follow the instruction on the website. It’s simple and easy and give you the feeling that you did something good 😀

If you would like to donate your hair, for Canadian residence, visit

Please double check the postal code, last time the clerk at the post office told me it was wrong, I don’t know if they change it, but just to be sure double check with the post office before sending.


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