D26 – Sailor Moon

26. Dark Kingdom, Black Moon Clan, Death Busters, Dead Moon Circus, or Shadow Galactica?
473In the anime version I would choose Dead Moon Circus, but only the first half with the Amazon Trio. As mentioned in previous post, the reason why I love those 3 were because in the anime they gave them a more human side then just practice targets for the scout compared to the manga. Each of them have their own personality and struggle. I also like the fact that they have an episode where they are looking for themselves when they are involve with the Sailors’ entourage without knowing, aka with Usagi’s mom and Usagi even brought FishEye back home.

Sailor_QuartettoIn the manga, I will also choose the Dead Moon Circus, but for the last part with the Amazon Quartet. They weren’t giving that much of a personality compare to the anime (annoying, crybaby type), but I do like the fact that in the end they turn out to the Mini Moon’s future guardians. It was a nice ending to them, instead of just killing them off, they were instead turn back to good sailors. Their hairstyles are pretty original, but I kind of not liking the one in pink, since Mini Moon is suppose to be in pink, shouldn’t she be in another color, like yellow with pink instead?


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