D24 – Sailor Moon

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24. Sailor Moon moment that makes you cry
uranusneptuneThis is the only moment in Sailor Moon that made shed tears like no other. Even in the manga, no other scene could have made me cry.
Of course I’m sure most of you will choose that same scene and made it their favorite. You must all know what I’m talking about. The scene is from the anime, from the heart snatcher arc. It is the moment when Uranus and Neptune has been found out and are the carrier of 2 of the 3 talismans. They both sacrifice for one another and had their heart snatched away. I dare you to watch it and not shed a single tear. It gets to me everything, even after the 10th time I’m re-watching the serie.


4 Replies to “D24 – Sailor Moon”

  1. The moment that made me cry the first time I watched it was the episode where Ami suddenly decides to leave to go to school in Germany. The scene at the airport got me. I’m so glad she didn’t go.

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