D23 – Sailor Moon

23. Sailor Moon moment that makes you happy
luna_artemisI don’t remember if there was a moment that makes me happy throughout the seasons. There was a moment from the movie which feature Luna. When she came back from meeting her love interest for the last time and Artemis was waiting for her, covered in snow. That moment was so awww. Even though he knows that she doesn’t regarded him romantically (yet) he was still loving her to the bone and will always wait for her.




It would be the last scene from the last arc, when Serenity and Endymion was done with their vows and she goes outside and you see all the senshi in their beautiful princess dress. That scene was perfect to complete the serie. (Couldn’t get the manga one so this one will do)


3 Replies to “D23 – Sailor Moon”

    1. I like to think they are forever married to Moon because they have to sacrifice their love life to protect her. When you say it like that, it’s pretty sad lol

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