D22 – Sailor Moon

22. Sailor Moon moment that upsets you

The_Doom_TreeI think the entire season of the Doom Tree upsets me. The story line was poorly written and the characters are so annoying. Even Sailor Moon was getting on my nerve. They should have follow the story in the manga instead of adding something new and make Moonlight Knight out of Tuxedo Mask’s subconscience of wanting to protect Moon (seriously just get stronger if you want to protect her). This story actually has potential if you only watch the last episode when the tree of life retell his tale, but they manage to ruined it with annoying performance from Alain and Ane.

Cosmos_and_Chibi_ChibiI guess it would be Galaxia and Chaos. This whole sacrifice thing, Moon being the messiah that will save everyone is kind of repetitive and deja-vu. Although I love the ending with Serenity finally wed Endymion, the battle with everyone dying could have been shorten. Once again, the sacrifice of others wasn’t that necessary to end this story. For some this might be the ultimate battle, but adding tragedy of Tuxedo Mask being under control of Galaxia and battling Moon (again) was a reuse of tactic, having the other Sailors battling Moon and make her hesitate to kick their ass was weak, having other Sailors protect Moon because all her own senshi had perish was annoying to see and only mean that Moon is weak and wimpy by herself. I have yet to talk about the ambiguous relationship with Star Fighter. There was no need for that. Bassically, I still don’t know who the heck is Sailor Cosmos and what is her purpose in the end.
I guess the only good part is that they didn’t make Chibi Chibi as annoying as Chibi Usa when she first arrived.

But I guess this post can be resume with one thing that top everything in the name of upsetting me. Why does Tuxedo Mask has to always be capture by the enemy and become a damsel en distress? WHY? Use your balls, man!


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