D20 – Sailor Moon

20. Worst dressed Senshi

amimamoruusagiI guess depending on the season, but mostly I don’t really like Usagi’s clothing choices and sometime Ami. Ami dresses like a decent girl, but sometime I find her clothing a little bit boring. She does get a better wardrobe in later seasons, but from the 1st season, it’s very not stylish.
Usagi has a very strange style to her, even though she is the one with the most different outfits. I do prefer her clothes from the Circus arc and beyond.
If I could include other than senshi, I would definitely nominate Mamoru. Seriously, in the anime he needs some shopping for new wardrobe. I know they slack off on the men part, but he is still the only guy in a harem of girls, at least give him more then just one green vest, blue/grey pant. The green vest need to go!

AluminumSirenI would say none of them? Even the enemy has some good fashion sense, except for maybe those from the Galaxia arc, which I wonder sometime if their clothes got torn while traveling to this galaxy/planet. Seriously, Sailor Aluminum Siren, what the heck is she wearing and that thing on her face.


One Reply to “D20 – Sailor Moon”

  1. I think all of the characters suffered from being drawn in the 90’s in the original anime. All of the scouts had some pretty dreadful outfits at one point or another and Mamoru’s clothes, particularly when he was ‘out for a jog’ were truly hideous.

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