D18 – Sailor Moon

18. Anime or manga
Manga1Of course I do prefer the manga much more compare to the anime as it is the original story/version. One of the main reason why I prefer the manga is for the artwork. Even if the girls are not proportion as real girls, well it’s a manga world what do you expect, it is still very pleasant to look at while reading the story. There is a soft side to Naoko Takeuchi style that I like a lot. Whenever she’s drawing scenes other than the battle ones, there is always a soft, romantic feel to them. I have to admit that it has contribute a lot to my daydreaming of a romance life when I was young and innocent (not).

As for the anime, I do like it too, but for it’s more developed side. I do appreciate the fact that they goes against the manga story line and give some second role character such as Umino and Naru a story because they do deserve the appreciation from the fan. Also the other scouts had their spotlight in various seasons and it is not only mainly concentrating on the relationship between Mamoru and Usagi. But there is one thing I rather they keep quiet: Chibi Usa’s annoying attitude and voice. If you have watch the 90’s dubbed version from YTV you know what I mean.

The remake, Sailor Moon Crystal is currently airing season 3. This version follow much more the story line of the manga, with a few changes. The 1st two season was a bit disappointing, but the 3rd season seems promising. So I will finish and give my opinion about it later.


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