D17 – Sailor Moon

17. Favorite attack overall (villains included)
I don’t see the purpose of this question when the other two has been answered. So if I have to choose from all the attacks that I have mentioned from the previous posts, it will be world shaking. For the same reason that I think it is the strongest attack among the senshi. Why haven’t I mentioned anything from Sailor Moon? Well I have never like any of her attack. I can stand them in the manga, but I think the animation is giving her too much time to do one attack. I remember saying that the enemy has the time to escape or counter attack her before she even finish all her stand and finalizing her neheleniaMoon-whatever-whatever.
As for an enemy attack which I liked… I think I do like Nehelenia in which she trap people in their illusions. Quite a powerful one when you control people’s mind. You can either give them a pretty dream and kill them slowly or give them a nightmare and let them end it themselves.


One Reply to “D17 – Sailor Moon”

  1. Sailor Moon’s attacks do seem to require quite a lot of spinning to get going. I always wondered why more enemies didn’t just trip her mid-fight.

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