D16 – Sailor Moon

16. Best Inner Senshi attack

smasmarsniper0Mars Flame Sniper
Because I like fire and I like arrow & bow, yup I’m that bias toward my crush XD I didn’t quite like her previous attack, but I’m glad they update to this one in the Super S season. They made use of the arrow from her sign and turn it into a bow and arrow attack. The animation makes it more interesting.

Mercury_Aqua_Rhapsody_50Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
I think Mercury is the one with the most different attacks. Since she can manipulate both water and whatever related to water, she has various attacks such as bubble blast, but also those relate to dimension with the use of her computer. I do like Aqua Rhapsody out of all of them, it is a bit softer than Neptune Deep Submerge, but it still has its effect on the enemy.


One Reply to “D16 – Sailor Moon”

  1. Mercury does have quite a range of attacks and also gets to be the brains of the group. Her attacks have the added bonus of being really pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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