D15 – Sailor Moon

15. Best Outer Senshi attack

worldshakingOf course it would be world shaking from sailor Uranus. To me, her attack is the strongest in term of wording and result. Deep submerge from Sailor Neptune is also one of my favorite, but in term of strong and powerful, world shaking would win. Also love the animation for it, as you see the enemy almost being torn in two with the background of the earth separating in two. I don’t really like her attack with the sword compare to this one. It fit Haruka’s personality very much.

saturn_attackOf course this one will go to Sailor Saturn ultimate attack where she ultimately destroy everything. I don’t remember if there was a name for it, but I will call it: world destruction (I think it is call Death Reborn Revolution?). ^_^ I don’t think any other attack can be that awesome as hers. Even Sailor Moon’s attack aren’t that powerful. But then Sailor Moon’s attack are for the good? Saturn’s attack is the last weapon to save the world and end it all therefore she doesn’t often use it, but when she does everybody is afraid of it.


One Reply to “D15 – Sailor Moon”

  1. OMG Chills just seeing that gif!!!!
    I’m getting kind of hazy in my Sailor Moon knowledge… I barely remember Sailor Uranus but that she was pretty in her own way. I do remember this attack of hers though! Brings back memories

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