D14 – Sailor Moon

14. Best dressed Senshi
makotoWell the 90s has dreadful style and it seems that the animation doesn’t really care how their character dress as they are see often with the same clothes most of the time. You know with the tight schedule, things like different type of clothing in different episode can be neglected.
It was hard to choose for this category as I didn’t really like any of their clothing, but choosing one I would choose Maiko Hino. Because she is tall, she often wear long type of clothing and they match her very well. She is the tomboyish type too, but any type of style, girly or tomboy will suit her.

MichiruCelloMichiru Kaioh is very sophisticate and stylish. Beside Haruka, Michiru would be one of the best dressed girl in the whole gang. Either in a uniform, dress, battle clothing, her sophisticate side will always show. I do prefer her more in the manga as the author does give her a lot of different style of clothing which I has always like. I don’t remember not liking anything she wore so far. The drawing for this post is one of my favorite of her. Love the crop top with long skirt, love the way she is with the cello.


6 Replies to “D14 – Sailor Moon”

  1. Is Michiru – Sailor Neptune? Cuz I loved her style! I think they said it a few times in the episodes as well..
    I remember what bothered me was Serena’s sagging socks. If only she would pull them up somethimes xD

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