D13 – Sailor Moon

13. Favorite secondary character
Yes, this dorky character who is so annoying yet so charming when he shows his passion and love for the girl of his dream. At first I didn’t like him too much as he was portrayed as the nerdy-know-it-all type of guy who usually end up being kill first in a horror movie. As the season goes on and more appearance was giving to him, we can see more charm to his character, especially when he was pursuing Naru. He is actually just a dorky guy who is trying very hard and awkwardly expressing his affection for the girl he loves. I’m actually glad that the anime version gave him a spotlight when he was trying to protect Naru and that win her affection for him for sure. Also you never know, beneath those thick glasses, he might be a hunk. Naoko Takeuchi has also made a semi-confirmation about that fact 😉

mama-papa-shingo-gallTsukino parents
They don’t appear often in the manga, but there are some part when their role is still important in Sailor Moon. In the anime, they had much more appearance throughout the season and even Usagi’s mother has encounter some of the ennemies. Of course they have the typical parents role which are taking care of their children and the papa getting all jealous of Usagi’s boyfriend. Usagi is really lucky to have this type of family on Earth, unlike the other senshi who are either orphan or have a dysfunctional family. One of the moment in the manga when I like them so much was when they see Usagi leaving in the morning in her school uniform, but deep down they felt that they won’t be able to see her again.


5 Replies to “D13 – Sailor Moon”

  1. Umino is a much better character than most give him credit for. He carries a lot of the weight of the plot early in Sailor Moon by updating the girls on what is happening in town or facts about new characters. His removal from the series would be impossible. Thanks for sharing.

    1. yup agree. That’s why I pretty much like how the anime kind of give him a happy ending with Naru 😀 They’re so cute together

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