D12 – Sailor Moon

12. Favorite Inner Senshi? (and why)
jupiteroy8Mars comes back often in my post for favorite character/senshi. I would like to choose someone else, but they rather lack of “personality” should I say. Even though I do appreciate the anime giving more time and deeper story line to other senshi than Sailor Moon, I still think they lack something. But for this one, let’s say I will choose Jupiter. Jupiter has always been in the role of the big sister for the inner senshi. She is strong and calm, but she is also very passionate in love. From a few episodes where she was the main character as the enemy was targeting the people she cares about, you will always see a very passionate and courageous Jupiter fighting with all she got. Even though, like Mercury, I would like to see some more about her.

innersenshiMercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus.
It would be hard to choose only one of them as they all have their own “style”. The moment I like them the most is from the Circus arc, when they couldn’t transform anymore and each of them has to recall their inner power. It show that each of them has their weakness and struggles which they all have to overcome in order to fight for what they believe. Losing their power was also a chance for them to be like any normal girl and pursue their dream, but they choose to stick to their fate. In that arc, Venus’ part was my favorite as we get to see Artemis in his human form for the very first time (have I mentioned that I a weakness for white hair guy? 😉 )


One Reply to “D12 – Sailor Moon”

  1. I liked that we saw a bit of her. Wish she had more. And definitely Mercury too! It’s a pity they couldn’t be more developed despite the focus on Sailor Moon.

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