D11 – Sailor Moon

11. Favorite Outer Senshi (and why)

Talismen'sIn the anime version, I will absolutely choose Uranus and Neptune. This pair appear often in my posts, but they are absolutely perfect. They fight for the kingdom and the princess, but they also fight for each other. Working as partner, one cannot be without the other. Not much need to be said, watching them throughout the seasons would be enough to justify why they are my favorite.

saturn_plutoI do prefer Pluto and Saturn from the manga version. Both senshi rather have a second role in the anime and manga, but I like their personality from the manga. As I have mentioned previously for Saturn it’s her mysterious way that attracts me to her. She also appear very mature for her age. She is fear by the other senshi and is kind of an outcast due to her power of destruction. As for Sailor Pluto, she has always been in the role of a big sister, who at first took care of Mini Moon, then later the reborn Saturn. She is the voice of wisdom for all the other senshi. She definitely deserve more love.


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