D10 – Sailor Moon

10. Character you wish was a senshi
This one is pretty hard to really see. I have always just contempt myself with the choices made by the author and never really think about a character which I wish has power and join the team. Of course, from the anime, there are some characters that I wish would stick around much longer, but not to the point where I wanted them to be part of the senshi team. As for the manga, too much emphasis was put on Sailor Moon and senshi to even let you have the time to appreciate other characters.
lunaIf I really have to choose, maybe Luna, but isn’t she already a senshi on her home planet? As mentioned by Sailor Meow in the last arc? Well she does have a crystal, but doesn’t have much fighting power as the other senshi. If I have to alter the story, maybe that Luna can at least transform and fight a little bit. She is worth the title for her loyalty to Sailor Moon, right?


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