D9 – Sailor Moon

9. Least favorite villain
Alan_and_Ann_imgDoom Tree duo: Allan and Ane
They annoys the hell out of me especially Ane. She looks like a desperate girl who has never seen a man in her life. And what about the guys fall for Usagi and girl falls for Mamoru thing. Seriously, it cannot be more obvious and predictable than that. I did like the end though.

Usagi-Galaxia-sailor-senshi-7040210-385-567I guess I can say that I dislike Galaxia because of what she did to all the senshis, but I must say that she is the ultimate villain as she is cruel enough to do what she did and control everyone to reach her goal. But I did not like how she turns out in the end, I rather her stays bad until the end than turn around and reach out to Sailor Moon. Once again making Sailor Moon do the usual of turning bad people to good people with her pure heart crystal. For once maybe I want Usagi to fail?


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