D8 – Sailor Moon

8. Favorite Villain

Amazontrio.animeMy favorite villain would be from the Dead Moon Circus arc: the Amazon Trio. I do appreciate this trio much more in the anime than in the manga. In the manga, they aren’t giving a bigger role as the Four Amazons were soon to take over and battle with the Senshi. I was a bit hesitant between them and the duo from the Doom Tree arc, but the girl annoys the hell out of me. The main reason why I love this trio more than in the manga it’s because the anime gave them a more human side instead of just let them be obliterate by the senshi/Sailor Moon just because it made good practice for stronger opponents later in the arc. They had dreams, they sacrifice themselves to save Sailor Moon’s dream, earn themselves their own and became “human”. They also have their own personality, think by themselves and realize what they have done.

I don’t think there’s any villain that I can say I prefer more than the others. They are portrait as villain, get kill by Sailor Moon, the end. Accept for maybe Queen Beryl, who has a side story of loving prince Endymion and being jealous of Serenity, which turn her to the dark side in order to destroy her rival. The other sentimental one would be Prince Diamond who was in love with Neo Queen Serenity and wanted to possess her. Otherwise, the personality giving to the villains in the manga is not as deep if compare to the anime.


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