D7 – Sailor Moon

7. Prettiest/most handsome character

Changing  the pattern a little bit because it is easier with this kind of post. This time will be guy vs girl


Helios.full.12408This one is hard to choose, but I think I have something for white hair guys. For most SM fans, Endymion/Tuxedo Mask was their favorite and ultimate anime/manga crush, but I didn’t quite like the soft side he has and wasn’t very impress by him. I was more into the bad boy type, but this one character is completely different from the bad boy type. Helios has his own charm, he might not be a prince, but he still show his knight-like side and gentleman manners to Mini Moon and the other senshi. Why I choose him as the most handsome character? He’s a freaken Pegasus!!!! Who would dislike a Pegasus?! Also because I like white/silver hair guys (you know Kunzite/Prince Diamond).


This might be very long if I let myself loose, but I will rank only my 2 favorites looks based on their clothing style, the way they carried themselves and their eyes (yup).

mars_manga1. Rei Hino
She is the ultimate beauty for me. She looks good in anything and carry herself as graciously as she can be. coming from a strict school also help the fact that she is definitely a lady. She has those eyes that can piece through you with just one look. Her style is very define in the manga. She has to her a fierce feature, representing her warrior side, as she is the senshi of fire. I also love the fact that she has those long black hair which float around whenever she’s throwing her attacks.



Haruka_Tenou_Full_Picture2. Haruka Tenoh
Why is Haruka not number one you might ask? Well because Mars is my ultimate girl crush 😀
So this come as not a surprise as all. I was still wondering if I should have classify her in the handsome part instead, but due to the nature of her being really a girl, I am putting her in this part. Haruka is perfect! She can have strong feature and pose as a man, looking very good and stylist in men clothing or she can be the perfect fashionable woman. You choose. Also she can kick ass like a man and be warm, lovable and soft like a woman. There is nothing left to say, she is just simply awesome.


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