D6 – Sailor Moon

6. Couple you wish existed


nephrite_naru Naru x Nephrite
At first Nephrite approaches Naru in order to lure out Sailor Moon because he knows that they are friend, but Naru end up really falling in love with him. Even though his initial thought wasn’t pure he eventually gets conquer by her pure and innocent love toward him as she is willing to put herself in danger for him. The episode was really sad and I actually got tears in my eyes when Nephrite vanished. I was glad that they gave secondary role character such as Naru something so we can remember. I wish they have made this couple last a little bit longer, maybe have them being together for a while before Beryl send her minions to obliterate Nephrite.

Scouts-generals-draw 4 Generals x 4 Scouts
The pairing of those 4 were made from the start in various illustrations and there was also a flashback from when Serenity was sneaking out to meet with Endymion, there was a moment when you see Venus fluster beside Kunzite, but nothing more was develop. They gave them a moment in the new anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, but it was very pathetic and I don’t even want to remember that. It would have been fun if Naoko Takeuchi gave out some side stories of those 4 romances. I would have love to see how Mars and Jadeite would interact as we all know Mars can be a bully, also it would be interesting to see Zoisite interact with Mercury.

Honorable Mention

ace_venus If you have follow Sailor Moon like I did, you should know about the side serie Code Name Sailor V, which was made to be the pilot project that lead to Sailor Moon. Like its name, it is base on the story of Venus, when she met Artemis and transform into Sailor V. She was fighting the enemy way before Usagi and the rest of the gang meet Luna. In the last part of Sailor V, she has successfully gain stardom and was starting in a drama along side an actor name Ace. Ace in reality was an enemy, but he is connected to her in their past life. Ace was from Venus and he harbored romantic feeling for their guardian and princess: Sailor Venus. But as a lowly guard, he can just watch her be snatch away by Kunzite. In the present, he is to fight with Venus and got defeat. I quite enjoy this side story and wish that they would have blossom maybe some romance in their past life and he comes back, but on the dark side and she has to choose between her duty as a senshi or her previous love. That would have made a really good background story for Venus, as she is the goddess of love after all.


2 Replies to “D6 – Sailor Moon”

  1. Have to agree that unless you are the star in Sailor Moon you just aren’t going to find any kind of lasting relationship because it is always about the Moon Princess. I really wanted Naru and Nephrite to end up together as well but his death was kind of amazing because when watching as a kid you really aren’t expecting the story to get that dark. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. It is true! That’s why I like the 90s anime much more as I grow up. At least, some characters got a chance to shine in one or two episodes. Thank for your comment 😀

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