D5 – Sailor Moon

5. Best canon couple


Yuichiro x Rei
yuichiro_reiWho doesn’t like this dorky Yuichiro and his one side love. This couple was made in the anime version only, with Yuichiro coming to the temple after falling in love with Rei. He is dorky and awkward, but his love for Rei has always been pure and he is willing to sacrifice his life for her. On many occasion we do see him throw himself in front of danger just to protect her. Rei doesn’t seem to care much about him as she doesn’t return his love, but she is indeed touch by his affection for her. Rei has dreams and she is willing to sacrifice everything to achieve her dream. Of course Yuichiro isn’t the type of guy that she wants to date, but as the episodes go on, we definitely see something in Rei that might give Yuichiro hope. I do prefer this dorky couple in the anime much more than the main couple of Usagi x Mamoru. I truly wish they could have given them a chance to be together, just for once before all the other fights start and those characters get forgotten.


Helios.full.12408Helios x Mini Moon
Even though I’m not a fan of Mini Moon, I have to admit that I was quite in love with this couple pairing. The anime didn’t give justice to this season and the relationship between Helios and Mini Moon. Mini Moon was portrait as a little brat coming from the future to seek the help of Sailor Moon and save Neo Tokyo. She later stays in the past to learn her way of becoming a senshi. So far, I still see her as a little brat who will quarrel with Usagi over Mamoru and all the other things. With the appearance of Helios and Pegasus, asking for her help to save Mamoru and the earth, I see her growing up through the relationship that she develops gradually with Helios… or Pegasus… or Helios in Pegasus form… anyways. We also get to take a sneak peak at her future, eventually I assume that they will form the future couple of the Millennium kingdom, after Queen Serenity and Kind Endymion step down from their throne. It was nice to see another side of her and her first love, leaving her bratty part aside.


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