D4 – Sailor Moon

4. Best Friendship


serana_naruNaru x Serena
Even if Naru didn’t have a more important role after the appearance of the other senshi, she was still Usagi’s best friend and first adventure as Sailor Moon, when she first transform to rescue Naru from her fake mother. She kind of fade into the background when Mars became the 3rd Sailor, but you can still see her friendship and concern about Usagi after she remembered her past and lost Tuxedo Mask. She knows and wish she could help Usagi in some way, but you can clearly see she will always support Usagi morally. She didn’t have a huge part in the manga neither, but I was glad that they gave her a story with Nephrite in the Dark Kingdom arc. The original story state that Nephrite was suppose to die after he failed his mission, but I was glad he was giving the spotlight with Naru. Even though their story ended tragically, they had a beautiful one to be remembered. Somehow the anime kind of give second role characters some pretty side stories so that fans will remember them.


hotaru_riniChibi Moon x Hotaru
There are some story to consider, but I guess Mini Moon and Hotaru friendship would be the best one to talk about. I have never been a fan and I can say that I really dislike Mini Moon, but her innocent and loyalty with Hotaru is something to talk about. Even though she is surrounded by others, it, somehow, look like Hotaru is her very first friend. The same goes for Hotaru, who was lonely due to her condition. Hotaru is willing to go all the way, even if her body doesn’t exist anymore, to safe Mini Moon and Mini Moon is determinate to bring Hotaru back. That beautiful friendship of sacrifice and love is pretty strong and pure for someone their age.


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