D3 – Sailor Moon

3. Favorite character recently


uranus_neptuneRecently… should I say when I grow older and re-watching SM for the zillion time? Well if you apply that fact then my recent favorite would be Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Most of SM fans would know what I’m to talk about when I mention this couple. Yes, the anime had censored them as cousins, but they couldn’t hide the fact that they were more than just simple cousins and their sacrifice for each other went beyond family bond. They are the perfect example of sacrifice for the one you love. I do think that their love is beyond what Serenity and Endymion could ever have (I’m going to be bash for this comment by Serena x Endymion fans). I was glad they did give them the spotlight in the HeartSnatchers arc, at the scene where they discover that they were both carrying the Talismans. Everytime it makes my eyes teary whenever I re-watch that moment. Their relationship is so deep that they can go without saying a word and still understand each others. Can Serenity and Endymion do that I wonder? Another reason why I appreciate this couple more it’s that, yes they do put their heart and soul to protect the kingdom and the princess, but they are not just doing that blindly. In each other eyes, they also value one another. Yes, the princess is important, but their partner is also important. It is a part that I do appreciate, compare to other senshi, who, I see as only dedicate to Serenity without thinking about themselves and they somehow got overshadow by that duty.


M-hotar01Since I already mentioned Sailor Mars in the previous post, this time I will talk about another character which I prefer more from the manga than the anime: Sailor Saturn/Hotaru. I didn’t think that the anime was giving her the personality and quality of the manga. In the manga, she was a very mature girl for her age due to the trauma from her childhood. I really love the mysterious and darker side that the author has given her. She is also the only Senshi of death and life, when things get out of hand she will end it all. I think even Galaxia was afraid of her at one point or another in the anime. She might be portray as fragile, but she is pack with a lot of power.


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