D2 – Sailor Moon

2. Favorite character when you were younger


mars_animeMy favorite character from the anime when I was young was Sailor Mars. I guess I liked her due to the fact that I first like her from the manga version. She was witty, spicy and flammable XD She was kickass! Also I love the fact that she was the only one straightening out Sailor Moon when she does stupid stuff, but she still cherish her friend so much. In the anime, they gave her a moment of romance with Damien (Tuxedo Mask), and they showcase more of her romantic side compare to the manga, but it was not to my dislike… until I grow up.
I guess they wanted to show her childish side a little bit more in the anime to match with her age and also her inner personality which you cannot really see in the manga due to the fact that she was labeled as the mature, mysterious priestess.


mars_mangaAs mentioned in the previous part, my favorite from the manga was Mars. Her mysterious aura and the way she carried herself attracts me. She was also a strong will woman who value friendship over love. There was also a part in the manga dedicate to her first love under the Casa Blanca white lilies that show her soft yet strong heart. I also love the art style that the artist gave her. She has a slender body, yet her gaze will pierce through you just like her fire. One look and she will burn your soul XD I remember when I was younger, I wanted to be like her: having long hair, strong will, no need for guys.

Honorable mentions

mercury_jupiterIn the manga, along with Mars, I also like Jupiter and Mercury equally. It was a bit sad that they didn’t get the spot light a lot in the anime. They did make an effort of giving each character something to fight for in different seasons, but I do like the deeper background stories that they got in the manga. Especially Mercury, in the manga we get to know her sadder side with her parents and her dorkier side with her allergy to love letters. As for Jupiter, I felt she was kind of left out in both manga and anime, even though she did have a background story to her, I wish they could have done more.


2 Replies to “D2 – Sailor Moon”

  1. Loved Sailor Mars!! Still do lol. I liked her bickering ways with Sailor Moon but I remember falling for her heels… I know- odd xD I grew up having an obsession for heels because I never had any. She’s just really beautiful.

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