D1 – Sailor Moon

  1. What age you started watching Sailor Moon

If my memory aren’t playing trick on me, I think I was around 6 years old when I watched the 1st episode of Sailor Moon. I don’t really remember which episode it was, but I’m taking a guess that it was season 1 after Mercury has joined the team. I only remember seeing Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury so I guess it was probably the episode when they found Mercury or the episode after.
It was, unfortunately, the first and also last time I saw an episode of SM. We were living with my uncle’s family back then and television was forbidden to me. I won’t go into too much details of how that family was … anyways. That one episode got me hook to Sailor Moon right away. Later, when we moved out of that house, we didn’t have cable for a while, until I was in 3rd grade. That was also the moment when YTV was airing Sailor Moon! It was the joy of my life! I remember watching it religiously and also recording every episodes with my VHS, yes VHS!! >_<
It was love! I even keep my new year money and birthday money so that I can buy the manga. I think I restart on the serie through the manga before I was able to watch it on YTV. Every time my dad goes out I would ask him to bring me back a book or two until I was able to collect all 18 of them.

I guess I started SM when was very young and it was my first love of animation.


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