Sailor Moon 30 days challenge

Well WordPress just congrats me for the 4th anniversary of Kawaimono. So I thought about celebrating with my favorite thing: Sailor Moon! Of course it would be a challenge. Which will start in May only. You might have seen a previous post with Disney Challenge, I’ve decided to postponed that for June instead. Also this is to mark the start of the 3rd season of Sailor Moon Crystal, with the appearance of the Outer Senshi for the first time (except for Pluto).
So here’s the challenge giving to be by Ponyta, she should starts her around August so stay connected to see what she has to say.

For those who want to follow and start the challenge please go ahead and also provide me with a link in the comment so I can see what you have to say and maybe argue with you hehe 😛
Also, since there’s no restriction on whether I have to choose manga or anime, I will separate my posts in two parts. One for anime from the 90s and one for the manga.
So let’s start with the list!

Sailor Moon 30 Days Challenge
  1. What age you started watching Sailor Moon
  2. Favorite character when you were younger
  3. Favorite character recently
  4. Best friendship
  5. Best canon couple
  6. Couple you wished existed
  7. Prettiest/most handsome character
  8. Favorite villain
  9. Least favorite villain
  10. Character you wish was a Senshi
  11. Favorite Outer Senshi (and why)
  12. Favorite Inner Senshi? (and why)
  13. Favorite secondary character
  14. Best dressed Senshi
  15. Best Outer Senshi attack
  16. Best Inner Senshi attack
  17. Favorite attack overall (villains included)
  18. Manga or anime?
  19. Sailor Moon episodes subbed or dubbed?
  20. Worst dressed Senshi
  21. One thing you wished the show had
  22. Sailor Moon moment that upsets you
  23. Sailor Moon moment that makes you happy
  24. Sailor Moon moment that makes you cry
  25. Funniest Sailor Moon moment
  26. Dark Kingdom, Black Moon Clan, Death Busters, Dead Moon Circus, or Shadow Galactica?
  27. Senshi you are most like?
  28. Senshi you are least like?
  29. Senshi or Starlights?
  30. Favorite Moon cat



5 Replies to “Sailor Moon 30 days challenge”

  1. Since I never read your term paper in 411 I can’t wait to read your challenge xD

    Also, since when is Sailor Moon Crystal on season 3?!?!? I’m still on episode 10 O___o (Ponyta has is really been almost 2 years since I started the series with you?!?)

    1. Yup season 3. Season one and two were broadcast one after the other and they took time to make season 3, which I hope will not be like the 2 first seasons. And my term paper in 411 was awesome, the teacher just didn’t know about Sailor Moon nor bother to learn about it 😛

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