Book Challenge 7

A book that makes you laugh

A book that make me laugh and a book that make me happy seems to be the same, right? You laugh because you’re happy and you’re happy because it makes you laugh… Anyway let’s try something new in this one.
So what makes me laugh? A few year ago I purchased books about random thing that I can read while I’m in the bathroom or riding the bus, but didn’t want to get to obsess with a story otherwise I won’t be able to put it down. I was also reading them while at work because you know how busy it is to work in retail, especially between January and March.

Pourquoi les vaches ne peuvent-elles pas descendre les escaliers?

pourquoi-les-vaches-ne-peuvent-elles-pas-descendre-les-escaliersThis is a book on general knowledges about things in daily life with a touch of humour. Those kind of book are easy to read and make you laugh at some facts. There are some really random one like you can die from water overdose, yes, yes.

Le bouquin du petit coin

le-bouquin-du-petit-coin-194625-250-400When you feel the need for your number two, instead of playing game grab this book. It will tell you all that you have to know about pooping, bathroom etiquette and how it works all around the world in various custom. Yup, what a good way to learn about the simple call of nature.



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