Book Challenge 6

A book that makes you sad

A book that makes me sad. Why would I read something that would ruin my mood? But some title came to mind. Those books aren’t necessary only to make you cry, but there are some moments in the book which had me shed some tears.

L’avaleur de sable

7079_366773.pjpegI have mentioned this book before in the category of books that I have read more than 3 times. This time it is coming back in this category for it scene in which was very unpredictable and makes me sad. Spoiler alert Near the end of the story, when the happiness of the main characters are at the top, a disaster  befall upon them and takes everything away. The ending was so unpredictable and surprising. I was waiting for them to get married, pop the kid out and live happily ever after at the farm house or something. No! That’s not how the author sees it. I hope I didn’t spoiled much and still manage to put some questions into your mind and encourage you to maybe try this book out. It is worth all the emotions it puts me through. 

Ne le dis pas a maman

cvt_Ne-le-dis-pas-a-maman_1750Once again this one is making the list. The reason is simple: the frustration of not being able to do something when you learned about such horrible events that are happening to a little girl. I have always believe that an adult’s main purpose in life is to protected the children and that is especially more true toward parents. If you are willing to create a life and give birth to a child you have the responsibility to take care and protect that child, which wasn’t the case for this little girl. That frustration just make me cry and I remember still shedding tears whenever I read this story again.


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