Book Challenge 4

Favorite book of your favorite series

dh-uk-adult-jacket-artFor this one I will only mentioned Harry Potter as I don’t quite remember what happen for La lumiere blanche (try to recall 11 years of memory is hard man).

From the 7 books of Harry Potter, my favorite would be the last one. Why? The first one was ok, introduction to the magical world, the background story. The second one was giving truth to Harry’s words that Voldemort really was going to come back. Third book was giving hope of a family to Harry through Sirius Black. Fourth book Voldemort is coming for real by tricking Harry Potter and got his schoolmate kill, Cedric (in the movie he deserves to die because the actor that got the role deserve to die for ruining that role!!). Firth book, they took away Harry’s hope of a family by once again letting him doing stupid things and dragged his two best friend along (I do blame stupid Harry for Sirius’s death!). Sixth book retell the story of Voldemort and how he became who is now. The seventh book is when everything end. Revenge has been done, Dobby and Snape died as hero, why do they kill all the good characters, really! Why?! the end of Voldemort and Harry’s battle is left for the reader to interpret as they want to. The last book give me the good feeling that the people who fought all this time has finally gain something. Justice has been done. All the suffering is finally ended with the death of Bellatrix. Harry has to face his “alter ego”, dare I say, and will now leave his friends alone instead of dragging them into his stupid decision. I might sound like I hated this series, but I actually enjoy it very much. Sometime, in a story, it happens that I don’t always like the main character and enjoy more of the secondary role, well that’s how I felt about Harry 😛


4 Replies to “Book Challenge 4”

  1. HEY! Though I don’t like Robert Pattinson (sp?) much as an actor, especially with the whole twilight thing, I thought he did a really good job as Cedric (i didn’t like the real him in the bonus footage though).

    I loved the last book too 🙂 5 and 7 were definitely my favourites. I felt like everything came together in the end…like solving a puzzle. and I like puzzles lol!

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