Book Challenge 3

Your favorite series

I don’t like to follow series a lot as I don’t like stories to drag on for too long. One of the criteria for me to consider it a series would be that it contain more than 3 parts.

Harry Potter

sorce_stoneI don’t think I need to tell you what Harry Potter is about, if you haven’t heard of it you must be living under a rock somewhere in the middle of the rain forest… yeah. I know people who haven’t read any of the books, but they at least know and heard of the story. For the lack of following a series to the end, Harry Potter would be the first once which I quite enjoyed. I’ve also watched all the movies, I must say the imagination produce by the mind will forever be better. >_<

La lumiere blanche

La-lumiere-blanche_logo_itemThis series was introduced to me in 6th grade of elementary school by a classmate through an oral presentation. Must I say that her presentation deserved a 100%? Because right after she finish the entire female part of the classroom wanted to borrow her books including me >_<


4 Replies to “Book Challenge 3”

  1. No comments on the Harry Potter because I know Sandra will, but so-so on La Lumiere Blanche. It’s hilarious: I have the book right here on my bookshelf, too, and its sequel/prequel, Les Sapins something-something. I recall that when I acquired that book, I may not have been old enough mentally (maybe I was physically old enough) to understand everything and I found it really boring XD

    1. well I remembered back then I found it really interesting. I’m sure if I read it now I won’t find it as good as before, but it was new you know. Literature jeunesse never really deal with that kind of topic before: death. So I was quite interest.

      1. Well yeah, sure, I guess that could be deemed interesting, and people would be interested lol, it just… I think I was too young to understand it… and… I sort of don’t want to pick it up LOL *lazy* Also gratz on your Day 3 😀

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