Book Challenge 2

A book read more than 3 time

I don’t think I have read any book more than 2 times. Those that I enjoyed reading again and again are manga, but since we are talking book here, I will omit them.

Ne le dis pas à maman – Toni Maguire

cvt_Ne-le-dis-pas-a-maman_1750It’s an autobiography by the author about her abusive father who tormented her entire childhood. She recall how he was a good man and loved his family, but one day everything change and she becomes his prey. The story was well written and heartbreaking. It allows us to go through what the little girl was thinking, her incomprehension of how the people who should be loving her to death is slowly driving her into hell as the people around her watch her without doing anything. As I was reading her story, I remember crying with her when she was sad and been frustrated for her when I wish the people could do something to just simply take her away.

L’avaleur de sable – Stéphane Bourguignon

7079_366773.pjpegThis one was a mandatory reading for a French literature class when I was in Cegep, but I really enjoyed it. It the story of love at first sight, death and life. I don’t quite remember how it goes as I read it a while ago and haven’t touch it again. I should probably re-read it now that I mentioned it here.

Chanson pour Frédéric – Tania Boulet

2691391The reason why I first started reading this book was because the name of my friend was on it, Frédéric. That was stupid, I know, but for a high school girl, come on, any reason is good 😛
I first read this book when I was in high school, I think it was in my second year, when my life was still boring and not much to do except for reading. I can’t believe how much I have read in those years. It’s a story of a girl who felt in love with her friend’s brother, Frédéric. They started a band and participate in local singing contest. Obstacles get in the way, she and Frédéric got in a dispute, just before a big contest. She, then, participate with a song she wrote and called it “Chanson pour Frédéric”.

I think that’s about it. I’m sure I forgot some, but those are the one that I remembered the most. What about you? what’s your favorite one that you can read over and over again without getting tired even though you know the content by heart?


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