Dear 16 years old me

Dear 16 years old me,
How are you doing? You must be in school right now in one of those boring French or math class, but you’re surely with your friends or doodling again. Better listen to the math teacher, the final exam will kill. Actually, if my memory is accurate you’re math in 4th year of high school wasn’t so bad. It was more of the one in the 5th year. You know, you should pay more attention in school. That will really help when comes the time to choose wisely for a career path next year. I want to tell you not to take human science (science humaine roughly translate), but you won’t be able to meet the interesting people of that year. Just don’t listen to the lady in the orientation office, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and only know how to give out personality/interest tests to “help” with choosing a career depending on your personality.
As for your friends or the people that you called friends. Most of them will leave your side, especially S.S. She is not a true friend, I think you should have known by now? Or maybe not. Things only start to change in the 5th year. Well don’t pay attention much to her. She won’t stay by your side, she’s not someone you can depend on or be there when you need. Do cherish your friendship with SK and the rest of the gang with whom you hang out at the moment. They will stay through thick and thin.
You might not realize it, but your relationships will change next year. Things will get harder so try to not to hurt your friend M. She’s a precious little one. The 5th year is the year when things start to change. That is also the year when the love of your life will also appear, but being with him will cause a major change in your life. I won’t tell you to avoid this and that as i do believed that those are meant to be so that we can be who we are today. So just let life take it course.

One of the most important thing to also do is to pay more attention to dad. He is an old stubborn man, but convince him to go for check ups. This is to hope that you might be able to change your future. I doubt this can be prevent, so I will tell you to follow your instinct, do not ignore them, it will prevent you from regretting later… like I do now.

That is all for you my 16 years old self. Take care of yourself and the people around you. Enjoy to the fullest!

Yours truly,
The 28 years old you.

If you have an opportunity to write to your 16 years old self a letter, how would it be?


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