5 best horror manga

Ladies and gentlemen,
Following the manga tag of the past 2 posts, I present to you the 5 best horror manga/manhwa (part 1). I feel like I should include manhwa because some of them are very good right now and worth a look. I was going to post this for the day before Halloween, but I totally forgot about it and manage to only do the 5 horror movies tag. The following list is my personal favorite, therefore you don’t have to agree. The list was made randomly, with no particular order, meaning number one isn’t my most favorite and number 10 doesn’t mean the least favorite.

Warning! The following titles have contents that are not suitable to younger audience. They contain violence, explicit contents and gore, therefore I recommend googling them before reading them. You have been warned!

zekkyou-gakkyuu-2467961Zekkyou Gakkyuu (Emi Ishikawa)

Also known as Screaming Lessons, it’s a manga of short horror stories, some are urbain legends some are events happening at the school. The narration is done by a girl name Yomi, she is often see in a school uniform with her lower half missing. Each story start with Yomi introducing the reader to the “lesson” of the day. Each lesson have a moral in itself, sometime it ends well for the protagonist, sometime it will drag them to hell. Each lesson touch on subjects such as bullying, selfishness, greed, etc, which end in bringing misfortune and scary experiences to the protagonist in the story. Who is Yomi and why is she there in the school at night, retelling the stories of the students? Yomi’s story will be told through the experience of a girl in her school who was bullied. Within each story, Yomi’s history is revealed and reader start to know a little bit about her and why she can’t leave the school. The manga is still in the process of being publish. There are actually 43 chapters released so far, it was also announce in 2013 that a live action was made based on the manga.

coverFuan no Tane (Nakayama Masaaki)

Fuan no Tane and Fuan no Tane Plus are collection of short horror stories on various themes such as school, visitors, urban legends, etc. Each story goes on a few pages, with eerie drawing and close up to “things” that you can unseen. As mentioned some of them are urban legends, the stories are so well drawn that it brings out the eeriness of the legend so much you wish that it will never happen to you. Especially if you are reading the stories in the dark, before bed, like I usually do, you would want to open the light back or simply just not looking outside the window (lucky I have curtains 😥 ) The art style is simple and from the perspective of the protagonist. Sometime, it’s just simply the act of looking through someone’s window and see something that you shouldn’t have seen, but then it will hunt you until you belong to it. 

cover-2Kouishou Rajio (Nakayama Masaaki)

Following the path of Fuan no Tane and Plus, this manga is a collection of short stories. Stories that are told over the radio at midnight. More on the encounter of strange events than urban legends, the protagonist in the stories encountered strange things in their daily life. Stories such as a girl sitting in the train, see her reflection on the window, but something is strange, the reflection doesn’t follow her movement and it is bald. She then see her hair stick to a crack in her chair and her reflection looking back at her with terrifying eyes, mouth wide open, as if to swallow her soul. Scare yet?


A collection of Itou Junki’s horror stories throughout his career. From Tomie to Slug Girl, this manga will satisfy the fans of Itou Junji. His artwork are not the best in term of beautiful color, drawing style, etc, but he knows how to gross you out with horrific character with nails as teeth and body changing into other things. Some story might be disgusting for the fragile heart, but he never disappointed in the art of giving you a fright and you can never unseen what you have seen.

cover-3TALES OF THE UNUSUAL (Seongdae Oh)

A collection of short stories about unusual situation or event that happen to the characters in the stories. Within each stories there is a little lesson to learn. What will you do if you were giving the choice of hanging the picture of the one you hate the most or someone who has bullied you and make them disappear? All that within a dream so no one can accuse you of doing so. Or what will you do if you are caught by a village of cannibalism, but they only eat healthy people? Will you allow yourself to caught the disease of the man who was capture with you or will you try to escape by yourself? Will you try it if you can buy a beauty water which allows you to re-modeled your face into perfection? Each unusual story will bring you to question what your decision will be if you were in the protagonist’s shoes.


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