Fairy tales [retell] manga

Hello twinkles and stars all over the web. Genkidesuka?
Today’s topic is fairytale viewed by various mangaka. I have always been very found of fairytale since my tender age, like any young girl, I went through Disney phases. Grown older, I am still very attach to those stories, but was curious of how they originally are after hearing some “modified” version from my mother. As I search through the web, I’ve discovered that the true fairytale are not as sweet and polish as the Disney’s version. Nowadays, everybody knows what true fairytale talk about and how the ending aren’t always “happily ever after” for everyone.
As interested in manga as I am, I started to look for manga with fairytale and found those really interesting retell of the tales. This is a list of my favorite fairytale retell through the view of mangaka.

Warning! Some titles have explicit contents such as violence, sexuality that are not suitable to everyone. So before you try, I suggest you google them a little bit.

gm001Grimms (Ishiyama Kei)

A retake on the Grimms’ fairytale with a personal touch for the ending. Ishiyama Kei chose well-known titles such as Little Red Ridding Hood, Rapunzel and Hanzel & Gretel, but also The Twelve Huntsmen and Two Brothers. The basic line of the stories are similar to Grimms’ tales, but the characters and the development of the stories are remake by the author in her own way. Little Red Ridding hood will not be eating by the big bad wolf and the big bad wolf is not big nor bad. The wolf actually felt in love with Little Red Ridding Hood and will do his best to win her maiden’s heart. Hanzel has a host personality and Gretel is too innocent for her own good, but Hanzel still love his sister. As for the bad witch, she  turns out to be a very rich flashy woman.  In Rapunzel case, what do you think about a story where she and her Prince switch gender? Interesting right? And the art style of the mangaka give the stories a more cute, innocence touch.

ludwigLudwig Kakumei (Yuki Kaori)

Fairytales tell stories about a princess/a young girl who are, most of the time, a damsel in distress awaiting for her prince charming to come and rescue her or take her away from her current lifestyle. All the popular one such as Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel follow the same pattern, but has any of those stories ever tell from the point of view of the prince charming? What if the prince wasn’t only charming, but also obsess about boobs rather than look? And what if he is a sadistic perverted prince, kicked out from his castle, on a journey going from kingdom to kingdom in search for a bride and encounter each of the princesses? What if the princesses aren’t all that distress and sweet like in the old tales? Well that’s what you get with Ludwig Kakumei. Perverted,  women copses collector, sadistic prince Lui (short for Ludwig) has been kicked out by his father, the king, to set out on a journey to find a bride. He brings along his faithful lackey Wilhelm on his journey. He encounter on his path the princesses, but Ludwig, somehow, manage to bring out the ugly beneath their beauty. Snow White uses her beauty to control men to obtain what she wants. Red Ridding Hood is a killer for hired, Rapunzel’s prince is a coward, but Ludwig decided to add his personal touch in the story. Sleeping Beauty is a tomboy living in the land of dream, everything grumble when she meets Ludwig in her dreams. Cinderella is an innocent little masochist who think her step sisters’ torture is to show her that they love her. Ludwig Kakumei is not the typical fairytales story, it doesn’t always end in a good way for some of the characters, leaving the prince to constantly looking for the perfect bride with his faithful Wil by his side.

RedRidingHoodv01c01-001_zpsa69515ebErotic fairytale (Takano Yumi)

As you might already notice with the title, this manga is not meant for young reader and it’s flag a 18+ tag. This is the retelling of fairytales with a little touch for the children that has growing up. it is not simply a retelling of the stories in the same line, the author took the time to add her own touch to the stories although there is always a happy ending to each story. Little Red Ridding Hood is part of an assassin family, who happen to rescued the wolf when she was younger. They later meet again and felt in love, together they have to face the obstacle on their way. Snow White and her prince are separate by her mother and she escape in the forest meeting with the Dwarf, but one of them is a human like her. He falls in love with her, but Snow White only thinks about ways to reunite with her prince again. The Ice Queen is actually a snow woman who felt in love with her saviour and refuse to feed on human’s essence in order to be able to stay with him. The little mermaid, to be able to stay with the prince, give up her tail to become human, but she constantly need men’s essence to keep her legs. Eventually the prince will fall in love with her, but obstacles are set to keep them away from each other. Why do all those things happen to the heroines in the tales? It is all due to the sadistic touch of the sorcerer playing the role of the fairy.
Takano Yumi’s touch to the original stories allow the adults to enjoy it as well as their inner child.

Honorable mention:

ayehahAyeshah’s Secret (Zhang Jing)

A couple has been hoping to have a child, as the seasons pass by the woman is still not pregnant. As she pray, she ask to have a child pure and perfect as the snow, that she will be warm and bright as the summer. The day arrive when the woman has to give birth to her daughter. The woman’s wish gave birth to the beautiful and gentle Ayeshah, but faith has it that once her daughter sees the light hers will fade. The father later remarried to another widower with 3 sons. The step mother is as cold as ice toward her step daughter and Ayeshah’s misfortune and torment in the hand of her new family members start. Does this story remind you of some fairytale? It’s a mix of Snow White and Cinderella with a little twisted of Zhang Jing. Ayehah is been tormented by her 3 new step brothers, one of them will change her life. Ayeshah’s secret is still in the process therefore the story hasn’t have more than 2 chapters out on scanlation sites. But if you have read Zhang Jing’s previous manhua, Doctor Du Ming, you will know that this story is just simply going to be very interesting and dark.


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