3 favorite mangaka

Hello there world of amazeballness!
This post’s topic is about manga, once again, yes. After passing through the 30 days anime challenge, I kind of want to write something about manga. As I am an obsessive compulsive reader of manga, it would be hard to just make one post on one manga. It is also hard to choose one genre within such a large selections of manga type, but looking at my reading list, the two genre pop out the most are shojo and horror >_< so shojo will be it.

Please keep in mind that this list is only from my personal preference. You don’t have to agree with it, but I do enjoy reading your comment if you have any recommendation or maybe you think a title shouldn’t be on the list. Just please be polite and don’t take anything too seriously.
Making this list, I have based my selection on the following criteria:

  • the author has made more than 3 series
  • I’ve enjoy most of their work (at least 3)
  • No recycling of the same concept
  • relatively good art style

The list is also made in no particular order, number one doesn’t mean it’s the best ^-^ So let’s start!

1. Yuki Kaori

As some of you who are into manga might know it’s her pen name. Yuki Kaori is known for the gothic style in drawing and the S&M feel in some of her work (Ludwig Kakumei anyone? >_<). She was known through her work Earl/Count Cain and Angel Sanctuary, the latter gets her into the spotlight for her gothic style. So far she has about 19 titles in her repertoire and the genre range goes from shojo to yaoi. Most of her work are in the fantasy category, but her older work also take place in modern, daily life (Boy’s next door, Kaine). I have follow her work since my discovery of Angel Sanctuary when I was still in high school and none of them has disappointed me so far. She might have that distinctive style and mood in her manga, but her stories are every time different from one another. The reason why I like her work so much is mostly the humor and the distinctive S&M personalities she gives to her character. Even the bad guy has his charm.
Personal favorite:

  • Ludwig Kakumei
  • Boy’s Next Door
  • Angel Sanctuary
  • Blood Hound

2. Clamp

Clamp is a group of four mangakas: Nanase Ohkawa, Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi and Satsuko Igarashi. They have started working together since the 80s. Their known in America/Europe for their work such as Cardcaptor, Chobit, XXXHolic and Tsubasa Chronicle. Working together as a group allows them to explore different genre and theme throughout their work. It range from yaoi, shojo, shonen, etc. My first manga from them was Cardcaptor, follow by Chobits. The reason why I really enjoy most of their work was that even in the sweetest story there is still a moral, something to make you stop and think, something to make you reflect on life. The relationship between the characters, minor or major, are always well present, making you forget about social rules, i.e in Cardcaptor, the relationship between Sakura’s friend and her male teacher, both has a huge age gap, but their relationship is still very pure. Clamp is also famous for relating their characters in different stories, creating a world of link between them. If you are reading XXXHolic, the characters from Tsubasa Chronicle will appear in some chapters, but also other from Magic Knight Rayearth, etc. I think they are the few rare authors that actually create a world for their characters and link them so. Another point I really enjoy from their stories is the use of gender in a very pure way: love is love, regardless of your gender.
Personal favorite:

  • Clover
  • Chobit
  • XXXHolic
  • Wish

3. Naoko Takeuchi

When talking about shojo manga, one cannot miss out Naoko Takeuchi, the mangaka who gave magical dreams to all the girls in the 90s via her manga Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. The general theme that she uses for her manga is romance. Her art style and story contain romance from a dreamy side. When you read them, you kind of feel fluffy afterward >_<  I find her stories as a fantasy dream that a girl would want to experience in real life. She often combined romance with magic and the main female character is often very stubborn about love and is giving her all to reach her goal and male role is often not as important. One of the good example is Tuxedo Mask, from Sailor Moon. His role is often to distract the enemy while Sailor Moon gather herself and “moon attack” them them.
Most of her earlier work are one shot published in shojo magazine. Her story often contribute to my imagination of how a relationship can be sweet and fluffy. Her targeted audience is often young girl, but I often find that her stories has a more mature side, maybe due to her art style.
Personal favorite:

  • Maria
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
  • Code Name Sailor V
  • Miss Rain
  • Love Witch
  • PQ Angel


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