Konnichiwa minna-san! How are you today mate?
Today’s topic is piercing or tattoo. Do I have either one of them or both? I do have piercing, one of each earlobe as any normal living girl. The story of my piercing is very very traumatizing. I think I might have recollection of it, but my mom said it was impossible and that I have too much imagination.
BUT she did tell me how it happens.
A long long time ago, when I was still a little baby, no bigger than a teddybear. Actually no, I was already 6-18months and as fat as a watermelon. My mother, oh dear mother, has decided that it was time her little girl should be more girly and have her ears pierce. So my dearly dear mother, gather all the aunties that she could find in the household aka aunty #1-2-3. They gather at the front yarn, mother brought me over, hold me down, mother had my head, aunty #2 on the left, aunty #3 on the right. Yes, I was scared and try to escape with all the little force my body could have. Aunty number one come over me with a needle, sterilize with alcohol and fire, then 1, 2, 3 pierced on the left, pierced on the right. I all could see was blurriness due to tears. I cry my heart out, still trying to escape. Mommy was scare for me too, but the harm was done, I am forever scared…. NAH!!! I’m just kidding about the trauma part. I don’t have a single memory of what happened, but I am glad that she, my dearly mother, decided to have my ears pierced. If you ask me to go have them pierced now I don’t think I will do it. I’m too aware of pain XD

Although I would like my aunty to have pierced them evenly -_-

As for tattoo, I might get one eventually, if I don’t get one before my 35 then I will never get one XD What would I like for a tattoo? Something simple on my wrist, for no particular reason.

Well how about you? Any tattoo? Any piercing?

I’m off, until next time!


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